As customers from the textile industry, you know best what requirements a winding core has to fulfil for textiles and non-wovens. We benefited from this knowledge in the development of our spirally wound cores. Together with you, we have developed paper cores that allow fast and wrinkle-free start-up winding, wrinkle-free transport and the winding of materials without markings at the transition.

Spirally wound cores for textiles

Spirally wound cores for extra-wide textiles

Our spirally wound cores allow problem-free winding – even with extra-wide non-wovens or geo-textiles. Use our paper cores and you get winding cores that offer excellent characteristics of concentric rotation and simultaneously ensure optimum adhesion for your fabric.

Available dimensions:

  • Available in almost any length and with almost every desired internal diameter

Your benefits:

  • Optimal adhesion of fabric to the core surface
  • Winding of materials without markings at the transition


More information and products from our product line of paper cores for textiles and non-wovens can be found on the website of Paul & Co in Wildflecken.