Custom-made solutions are on our daily agenda. We are always happy to face new challenges with you. With you at our side we successfully develop new paper cores for special applications.

Paper cores for Adhesive tape rings

Adhesive tape rings

Conditionally release-coated or with cellulose film or silicone surface: Our paper cores for adhesive tape in all standard dimensions fulfil your requirements. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to print the inner ply of your adhesive tape rings promotionally effective with your logo or lettering.

Your benefits:

  • Publicity effect
  • Free selection of the surfaces
Paper cores for packaging strips

Paper cores for packaging strips

Whether  with a slit down the middle or with a radially applied winding lug: Your packaging strip can be start-up wound quickly and easily. Our VB+ paper cores are ideal for problem-free use in automatic packing machines. With this, the end of the tape remains wrinkle-free and the risk of injury from a sharp-edged packaging strip’s top is ruled out.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and easy start-up winding
  • Problem-free operation of automatic packing machines
Paper cores for cable drums

Cable drums

Our paper cores are not only suitable as excellent production protection. As paper cores for cable drums they can also be used ideally as coil bodies. If required, you can also get our paper cores with additional punching.

Your benefit:

  • Optimal winding and unwinding of cables
Support cores

Support cores

To protect your products, only the best is good enough. So use our support cores for more security. With these, you stabilise your packaging units from the inside. With excellent crush resistance, they simplify stackability and ensure the highest level of warehouse and transport security.

Your benefits:

  • An advantage in storage and transport security
  • Increased stackability for your packagings.


More information and products from our product line of paper cores for special applications can be found on the website of  Paul & Co in Wildflecken.