When manufacturing our paper cores, we have one goal above all: Your satisfaction. So it is all the more important that we know exactly what requirements a paper core for paper has to fulfil. Together with you we develop paper cores which withstand the highest strains during winding, transport, storage and unwinding.

Paper cores for packaging papers

For packaging papers

From fine papers to kraft papers to folding box boards and packaging papers: Our range of paper cores awaits you with paper cores in custom-made qualities and dimensions..

Your benefits:

  • Custom-made qualities
  • Individual dimensions
Paper cores for containerboard

For containerboard

For problem-free and seamless use of your paper rolls on corrugators, rely on our paper cores for containerboard. They meet all your requirements – from wider paper rolls, larger roll diameters, lightweight papers to longer running times of the paper rolls in the corrugator.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal run in your winders
  • Problem-free and safe use of paper rolls in corrugators
  • Withstands extreme strains
Paper cores for graphic papers

For graphic papers

For newsprint, in particular, the requirements for paper cores are high. Whether modern rewinders or fast-running printing machines: Rely on our spirally wound paper cores of the GP Premium® series. They are the result of intensive development work according to your technical needs. Thanks to particular strengths, precise dimensions and good characteristics of concentric rotation, they satisfy all your requirements.

We supply you with our GP Premium® paper cores for newspaper and gravure printing papers.

Your benefits:

  • Particular strengths
  • Precise dimensions
  • Good characteristics of concentric rotation
  • Different qualities available for different applications


More information about GP Premium® and a product configurator for paper cores for your graphic papers can be found at Paul & Co.

Paper cores for technical papers

For technical papers

Are you looking for a paper core for your technical papers, where you can rely on an optimum interaction between the quality of the core and the converting environment? We offer you this with our paper cores for filter and electrical insulation papers, and with or paper cores for abrasive and décor papers. In this way, our D series paper cores fulfil the requirement, for example, that décor papers only tolerate minimum moisture exchange in the packaging.

Your benefit:

  • Optimal interaction of paper quality and processing environment
Paper cores for special papers

For special papers

From thermo-label papers to parchment and cigarette papers: We offer you special paper cores for your special papers.

Your benefits:

  • Special paper cores for special papers
  • Individual advice and production according to your needs


More information and products from our product line of paper cores for paper can be found on the website of Paul & Co in Wildflecken.